UGGT are specialized in on site emergency call outs as well as scheduled maintence such as boroscope inspections,combustion inspections,hot gas path inspections and major inspections primarily on GE,Siemens,Alstom,Hitachi and P&W gas turbines. All engineers and technicians have comprehensive and extensive technical knowledge and experince in the operation and maintenance of gas turbine generators.UGGT invests heavily in on job and other specialized traning and improvment programs.

We supply:

No. Name
1 Electro hydraulic servo valve high pressure
2 Spear part for inlet guide
3 Flexible hoses for GE Frame 9 E
4 Spare part for GE Frame 9
5 Fule Gas Stop/Ratio Valve
6 Heat Exchange 13D
7 Current Transformer CT Power transformer PT
8 Spare part for GE Frame 9
9 Spare part for electrical protection firetron cell
10 Supplying spare parts for GAS Turbine 13 D
11 Supply bearing for units frame 9
12 Atomizing air heat exchanger (GE frame 9)
13 Centrifugal vent fan with motor
14 Spare parts for gear reducer
15 Spare parts hydraulic power pack
16 ABB static frequency convector type LCI.ST2.6/1.170606A
17 Supplying of mega drive LCI ST2.8 MW/1.7T0606A
18 Supplying of excitation system
19 Intermediate shafts gas turbine type 13 D.
20 OE 158B 1500 DX Element Filter
21 Spare part for intermediate shaft
22 Hydraulic filter
23 High pressure pump
24 High power hydraulic tool
25 Equipment power oil filters
26 Lube oil filter .
27 Ventilation vacum fans for GAS turbine Hose 13D.
28 Pratt & whitney turbin spare parts.
29 Starting System.
30 Spare parts for air and water system.
31 Damper actuator with spring return.
32 Anti corrosion coolant .
33 Current Transformer 132Kv.
34 Disconnecting Switch.
35 Spare part for diesel engine model NO(16V 4000) power 1940 KW.
36 Power Oil Filter Element.
37 DFlex Coupling Sleeve.
38 Optimux valves.
39 Geotechnical and GIS
40 Civil Works and Construction.
41 Pipelines supply and construction.
42 Crude oil pipe teasting.
43 Water Treatment and R.O
44 Hi/low Tension,Power lines and towers.
45 GT Overhaul & Inspection.
46 Power Plant O&M.
47 GT Componet Repair.
48 Capital Parts,Spare Parts And Consumables.
49 GT Performance Upgrade.
50 Controls & Protection Modification Upgrade Retrofit.
51 Generator Overhaul & Repair.
52 MP filter.
54 Kit filter gear oil.
55 Breather Reservoir.
56 Camfil air filtre & catredgs (AM Types).
57 Koenig Engireeing torque converter for GE F9 turbine.
58 AP transformer.
59 Spare parts for GE F9E/Type 9171E Pressure Regulator and reductng V/V soleniod Valve.
60 Jaking oil pump Bosch Coupling Type EFEP.
61 Fiber Glass inner cover.
62 Air Intake filter, Cylindrical Filter Element with 80% Cellulose + 20% Polyester (Synthetic)
63 Pocket air filter type : Pocket type-F6
64 Reverse air filter type: Pocket type - F45 R1/1
65 Cylindrical air filter
66 Oil Mist Eliminator Filter
67 Plate Heat Exchanger Type: NT150L BA-100
68 FT8 & GG8 Repail
69 FT8 & GG8 Replacement of Bearings Carbon Seal
70 FT8 & GG8 Fuel Nozzle replacement
71 Spare Part for FT8 & GG8
72 Supply Spare Parts of Electrical and Mechanical of P&W MMCC