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We supply:

No. Name Manufacturer
1287 S Rehabilitation of Engine B of Unit 3 FT8 with supply and replacement of Fuel Nozzels of Engine B unit 2 FT8 P&W ( USA )
1127 S Equipment power oil filters Boll and kirch (Germany)
1288 S Equipment power oil filters Germany
1172 S Spare part for air cooling system for burner SHOUMA ENGINEERING (Germany)
1017 S Gas turbine 13D rotor axial form for generator Germany
1057 S Spare part for gas turbine 13D Germany
1058 S Inside nozzle air wirler valve Germany
1087 S Gas detection system USA
918 S Torque convertor KOENIG ( USA )
968 S Spare part for E.H.C (gas turbine BD) HERION ( Germany )
985 S Gas stop valve Srebeek-BiHer (Germany)
997 S Blow Off Valve WILKERSON (Germany)
RIFOX (Germany)
101 S Tools USA
277 S Air winch Ingersoll-rand (USA)
119 S Carbon bruch Carbon bruch (Turkey)
71 S Filter Germany
(IDC) OP-76-11-194 Hammer union ALLIANCE
(IDC) OP-72-11-472 Valve , quick release 3/8 NOV
(IDC) OP-60-11-475 Element fliter hyd
Breather reservoir
Kit filter gear oil
(IDC) OP 1309 Cooler oil FAMCO-I.R
(IDC) OP-28-11-346 Belts FAMCO-I.R
(IDC) OP 1465 Filter element MP Filter
(IDC) OP-76-11-90 Filter element
Coupling- flex pump
(IDC) OP-80-10-2031 Pump, pkd.
Type pedestal
(IDC) Q-288 1355 JE Pump PARKER
(IDC) Q-288 13472 MS Hydraulic hose PARKER
(IDC) OP-72-11-338 Mud pump                  FAMCO-I.R
(IDC) OP-72-11-876 Spool valve 4 sections
Spool valve 3 sections
Hawe Swed
(IDC) OP-97-10-1402 Cooler, oil / after aircld Ingersoll Rand
(IDC) OP-20-11-669 Filter element CS100 A10 A MP Filter
(IDC) OP-53-11-1236 Element fliter hyd
Breather reservoir
Kit filter gear oil
(IDC) 21422047 Control valve FAMCO-I.R
(IDC) OP-80-11-654 Quick Release Couplings China Lisa
(IDC) Q21154073-1 Belts GULF ELECTROQUIP
(IDC) 31158 Figure 602 Se-orange/black HMR UNUO SWEED
(IDC) OP-79-11-89 Bearing , oil seal ,spacer IDECO
(IDC) OP-70-10-2107 Ammerunion 5000 PSI CANRIG
(IDC) OP-60-11-573 Fuse BUSSMAUN
(IDC) OP-80-10-2028 Cylinder PARKWE
(IDC) OP-93-11-707 Pressure gauge TECO
(IDC) OP-53-11-275 Steel hose USA WORLD RIG SUPPLY
(IDC) OP-81-11-301 Motor GE
(IDC) OP-72-11-648 Piston, liner DRILLMEC
(IDC) OP-80-11-274 Telescopic hydraulic cylinder USA
(IDC) OP6012406 Torque Oilfield Motor & Control, Inc.
(IDC) 1101384500 Pressure relief valve
Pressure sequence valve
Rexroth Bosch Group
1111 S Lube oil filter Boll and kirch (Germany)
1292 S Supplying Air filter and oil mist eliminator filter for 13D and GE Khore AL Zuber SPX (Ireland)
Vildon (Germany)
Camfil ( Sweden & Italy )
5/2/18/1288 S Air Intake filter, Cylindrical Filter Element with 80% Cellulose + 20% Polyester (Synthetic) Rumaila Power station Camfil (UAE)
16/2019 S - Pocket air filter type : Pocket type-F6
- Reverse air filter type: Pocket type - F45 R1/1
- Cylindrical air filter
- Oil Mist Eliminator Filter
Khor Al Zubair Power Station
SPX (Ireland)
Vildon (Germany)
Camfil (Sweden & UAE)
5/2/18/1290 S Supply Spare Parts of Electrical and Mechanical of P&W MMCC for Bazergan Power Station P&W (USA)
1715 Supplying HP Heater No.6 Al Hartha power station CPS (USA)
1716 Supplying Feed water heater No.5 AM-EX type HEUI Al Hartha power station CPS (USA)